5 Ways to Naturally Purify Home Air

We live in modern times, and everyone on the planet knows that air is polluted. The situation with air is not changing, and big cities are facing significant pollution that in few years may force people to use a gas mask while walking down the street. We will be living like in a favorite game Fallout. Wasteland will be a dangerous street, and the only way to get to the stores will be by using a gas mask.

Let us hope politicians will make some global changes and that this Sci Fi movie scenario won’t happen. But you know that you can always keep the air in your home 100% clean. You can naturally do that without any risk to your health or environment. Bellow, you can read five easy solutions for naturally clean air in your home.

5 Ways To Naturally Purify Home Air

1. Increase ventilation and Use Air Conditioning

The outside air is still cleaner than the dirty stale air in the room. Doctors recommend opening windows and letting the fresh air inside. The reason for that is to let viruses and bacterias that are inside going out. Even in cold winter time you should ventilate your home because flu is not caught because of outside cold air, it is picked because someone left the virus inside your home and the virus is waiting inside your house. So do the ventilation work and let the viruses go out and cold will only kill a virus, not spread.

Opening windows is one method, but you can install vents on the wall that will pull lousy air out of the room. Other solutions are to have a ceiling fan, these fans are pretty popular, and they do work. In summer time you should use air conditioning because that will prevent pollen and dust entering the room. And we know why is pollen so dangerous today. All the toxins and pesticides are sprayed on the flowers, and that makes the pollen of that flowers hazardous to all beings.

2. Use Natural Air Purifiers

What’s more natural than using a device that pulls air and runs it through the filters?

Air purifiers may be devices, and some of them are better than others, but you can buy 100% safe for use air purifier that will clean the air in the room automatically. You will not need to bother with anything, just set up the air purifier and it will do the work. Thanks to the popular HEPA filters pollen, dust, and other allergens are removed from the air. Keep that in mind if you decide to go with an air purifier, it should have true HEPA filter.

3. Place Plants

Plants are natural systems to filter toxins from the air. That is one of the reasons why people love to place plants in their homes. Plants are good decor for the home, but they also have secret powers to eliminate even the most dangerous toxins from the air. The home with plants is warm and with fresh air. Some of the plants that are known as suitable for a home are Butterfly Palm, Chrysanthemum, Golden Pothos, Lady Palm, Chinese Evergreen, Peace Lily,Cornstalk Dracaena and my favorite English Ivy. English Ivy is my preferred choice for a home because it does not take a lot of space but is a great anti-pollution plant.

4. Essential Oils Instead of Toxic Air Fresheners

For an extra fresh air in the room and an additional scent, you will need to use air freshener. Many people go to store and buy cheap air freshener and think that now they home is fresh with clean air. But the reality is that only God knows what kind of chemicals were used in that refresher. Avoid air fresheners at all cost. Instead of using that chemical spray you can buy essential oils and burn them on a candle. Essential oils can give your home that fresh smell, and in the process, they will not produce any toxins.

5. Burn Beeswax and Not Petroleum

Previously mentioned candles need to be made from beeswax. These candles cost a little bit more than a cheap regular candle made from petroleum, but if you wish clean air in the room then in that same room you can’t burn petroleum candles. You can buy candles with essential oils and by just lightning the beeswax candle you will introduce that mild, calm smell to the air and your home will be fresh again and free of toxins.


There are many more other ways to refresh your home and have a 100% natural air in the room, but these 5 are the ones that everyone can do without much trouble. You won’t need to spend lots of money to get your home filled with fresh air. Few beeswax candles can be bought for a couple of dollars, but if you wish to spend more, you can buy an air purifier for a couple of hundred dollars. Whatever path you choose the air in your room will be fresh!

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