5 Warning Signs That You Have Poor Home Air Quality

Having a clean air in the office or the living room and bedroom may be crucial to your health overall. Polluted air may trigger your allergies, may make the mold growth and increased humidity in the house may bring bacterias and viruses into the home. That’s why it is essential to check warning signs that maybe the air in your room is not at the highest possible quality.

5 Warning Signs That You Have Poor Home Air Quality

1. Mold Growing in the Corners

When you see mold growing in the corners, you know that something must be wrong with the air. Because of mold, many people think that the room is dirty and that wiping the floor will help, but mold is growing through the air. Mold release spores that are moved through the air and then you have that nasty dirty mold on your walls. Mold is not good for your health because it may trigger allergic reactions.

2. You Have Allergic Reactions

Many times people think that the climate is changing and that it is normal to have a stuffed or a runny nose while we go from autumn to winter or summer to fall. But the reality is that maybe the air in your room is full of the allergens that trigger your allergic reactions. The dust, pollen, and other pollutants are making you sick. When the winter comes people shut down the windows, and all the dirt and allergens get trapped inside and every day they accumulate. Because of that, your health may get worse, and in the end, you may get sick.

3. Bad Odor and Smell

Same as with the allergies, the lousy smell gets stronger in winter when we don’t open windows. If you have pets, the air may get worse every day. And you may not even notice that. Scientists have proven that human nose can adjust to the smell and if you are smelling something for a longer time you can be adjusted to that smell and will not recognize it. In other words, your nose may be blind to the bad smell in your house. This can be a huge problem and the only way to detect it is if you ask the people who visit you. You can ask them if they smell something funny in the air and then by their reaction you will see if something is wrong with the air or no. The solution is to open windows and let the fresh air inside.

4. Accumulated Dust

Dust is so tiny that sometimes with a naked eye you can not notice it. The only way to discern dust is on the shelves or furniture that was not wiped for a longer time. If you see dust on the desks or furniture, then you know that the air around you is heavily polluted with dust. You can even notice the dust in the air on the very sunny day. Sun rays may make dust visible at the sunny day. When you see the dust in the air, you can start wiping the floor and furniture, use vacuum cleaner and remove the dust.

5. Too High Humidity

Humidity is also one of the indicators that the air in the room is not at the best quality. The best levels of humidity are around 30 – 50%. To keep it at that level you need to open windows most of the time because in the winter your humidity may be lower and that is an ideal humidity level to get you sick. Also in wet days, humidity levels in the house may get too high. Humidity also helps the mold to grow. So if you have high humidity, then you will probably have mold soon. And if you have mold then the moisture in your house is too high.


If you see one of the warning signs, you should start cleaning the air in the house. There are several things you can do. The simple solution would be to get an air purifier to remove allergens, pollen, dust and other airborne particles. Also, you can get air humidifier which job is to keep the humidity in the house at the proper level. These devices will make sure mold and mold spores are removed from your house for good.

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